Wandering with the Steelers!

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Next up are the Steelers.  Based on my quick review of their schedule, I’m guessing they will have one of the shortest travel seasons in the NFL.  The furthest they travel from Western PA is Jacksonville.  So, if you live out west, you’ll have to waste a travel day to see them. And with them being fairly isolated, there won’t be many options to parlay the game into a weekend in Pittsburgh, but we’ll take a look. Your chances might be better to catch them on the road if you want to see other events.

Week 1 – Browns

Towson at West Virginia doesn’t sound too appealing, so not a great week to travel.

Week 2 – @Baltimore – Thursday night

The Orioles are in town, so you can catch the Yankees on Friday night after the Thursday night matchup of division rivals.

Week 3 – @Charlotte Sunday night

The only appeal here is a Sunday night game.  Stay home.

Week 4 – Tampa

Pitt plays host to Akron on Saturday at Heinz Field, so hang out to catch the Bucs/Steelers game on Sunday.

Week 5 – @Jacksonville

With Wake Forest visiting Florida State, there’s not much to see here this weekend.

Week 6 – @Cleveland

There are a couple MAC games nearby on Saturday with Miami of Ohio at Akron and UMass at Kent State.  And since it’s so early in Oct, no chance of the NBA schedule LeBron at home.  Another pass.

Week 7 – Houston – Monday night

This could have been a great weekend with the Pens and Panthers in town, but the games are too spread out.  The VaTech/Pitt game is on Thursday along with the Stars/Pens game.  Then the Pens host the Islanders on Saturday.  With the game on Monday, it’s not worth it.

Week 8 – Colts

Finally a decent Saturday/Sunday combo with GaTech/Pitt on Saturday and Colts/Steelers on a rare late start on Sunday afternoon.  The only issue here will be catching a flight home late Sunday night – otherwise a great weekend.

Week 9 – Ravens – Sunday night

Saturday you’ll have the option of Duke at Pitt or Sabres at Pens.  Chances are, Pitt will be an early game and you’ll actually be able to pull off a double-header.  Then stay for the raucous atmosphere as the Steelers host the Ravens.  So far, this is my choice!

Week 10 – @NY Jets

With Army and UConn playing at Yankee Stadium on Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to see one of our Armed Forces play in a unique stadium.  Then cross the river for the Steelers/Jets game on Sunday.  Staying over Sunday night?  Head to the Garden for the Rangers/Oilers game.

Week 11 – @Tennessee Monday night

Another prime-time matchup, but nothing to add to the trip.

Week 13 – Saints

After the Bye week, the Saints come marching in, but no one else.

Week 14 – @Cincy

With the BigTen Championship game in Indianapolis on Saturday, it might be worth the 2 hour drive to combine the two.  Fly into Indy on Saturday, drive over to Cincy first thing Sunday.  Not bad.

Week 15 – @Atlanta

With Baseball season over and college football getting ready for bowl games, your only game here is the Steelers vs Falcons.  Stay home.

Week 16 – Kansas City

You can see the Pens/Panthers Saturday night, then Chiefs/Steelers Sunday afternoon.  Meh…

Week 17 –  Cincinnati

Another Pens/Steelers weekend with the Capitals and Bengals in town.

Overall, there aren’t many solid options for the Steelers this year.  If I were a Steeler fan, Week 9’s potential Trifecta would be my choice.

What’s yours?



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