Bowl Season 2018!

Once again, the college football regular season comes to a close this weekend with the Army/Navy game in Philadelphia. I’m guessing this year will have additional pomp and circumstance given the recent passing of George H. W. Bush.  This game has been on my bucket list for quite some time.  I can’t believe I never attended when I lived a short 90 minutes away from the stadium.  Considering my dad served in the Navy during WWII, all I have to say is, GO NAVY!


And again this year, just like the tradition of Army/Navy, Alabama and Clemson lead the way in the playoffs and seem destined for a repeat of the exciting 2015 National Championship game they played here in Phoenix.  At that game, I recall talking to an older Alabama fan at that game and said it seemed like there were a lot more Clemson fans than Alabama fans at the game.  Without missing a beat, his response was “son, those Clemson fans have been saving up for 35 years to get to one of these games”.  Classic.

Since that loss to Alabama however, Clemson has been a staple in the playoffs and they got redemption by beating Alabama the following year in 2016 National Championship game.  The next year, Bama returned the favor by beating Clemson in the Semis.  Let’s hope for some upsets so we can add some diversity to the Championship Game.


And also once again, Urban Meyer is retiring due to ummm, health reasons.  Yea, health reasons, that’s it… health reasons… Seems Urban has been getting severe headaches lately.  I’ve since been able to identify the source of those migraines.


But as the regular season winds down, the Bowl Season heats up.  Sure, there are too many bowls, but so what, it’s still college football season.  So what if North Carolina A&T is playing Alcorn State in the Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl? These kids will get to play another game.  And it doesn’t suck that it will be in Mercedes Benz Stadium – one of the best stadiums in the country!  Of course, attendance will be limited, you can even tune in to ABC to see the empty seats.  I just wish more Bowls would donate more tickets to those who normally can’t attend these games.

How about you?  Are you planning to hit a Bowl Game or two?  Check out the interactive maps below to plan your trip.  For example, for Penn State fans traveling to Orlando for their Citrus Bowl matchup against Kentucky on Tuesday, January 1st, if you arrive on Friday the 28th, you’ll have the option of either catching West Virginia vs Syracuse in the Camping World Bowl or Toronto vs Orlando in an NBA matchup that night.  On Sunday the 30th, you can still catch the Magic against the Pistons.

If you take the short drive to Tampa, you have more options.  The Falcons visit the Buccaneers on Sunday and the Lightning host the Canadiens on Saturday.  For die-hard Philly fans, why not head in even earlier to catch Gritty and the Flyers as they take on Tampa on Thursday night, then head to Miami for the Flyers vs Panthers on Saturday, before heading back to Orlando for the game on Tuesday! Now there’s a weekend!

Week of Dec 27 Jan 2

Many Bowl games are in or around major cities, so your chances of parlaying the Bowl Game into another sporting event are pretty good.  With the help of these maps, you can plan ahead as you book your travel.

Click on the links below to see the events happening during each week of the Bowl Season.

Week of December 13 – December 19th

Week of December 20 – December 26th

Week of December 27 – January 2nd

Stop wondering. Start wandering!




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