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The NFL Schedule is out! Start planning!

The NFL Schedule is out! Check out this tool to help you plan your travel this year!

If you follow my blog, you know that I love to travel to sporting events and have been very fortunate to have been able to string together some amazing sports weekends – see Lions and Bulls and Bears, Oh My.  I’ve even been able to string together an amazing week – see Football, Football and More Football!

Normally, these events happen by chance.  It starts with a single event and then turns into something bigger as I’m made aware of other events in the area.  In the past, it’s been a very manual process.  For example, the first thing I usually do when the NFL schedule is released is look at the Bills road games to see if I can pull off a Penn State and Bills weekend.  Manually checking two schedules wasn’t too difficult, but after that, it made planning a sports weekend nearly impossible.  And having the ability to visually locate the games makes it much easier to plan a trip.

As they say, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”!  I’ve plotted the MLB, NCAA Football, NFL, NHL and NBA schedules on a series of interactive maps and organized them around the NFL Weeks (Wed-Tue),

Now, I can simply look at each week and drill down where I see a concentration of games to see if I can make an epic weekend out of any of them.

Here’s how it works.  Click on the links for your selected week that you’d like to explore.  It will take you to the interactive map.  From there, you can drill down on each location to see the actual matchups, times and locations.  Just click away!  You can drag and click the map to zoom in and out to map out your weekend!

Let’s take Week 4, Sep 30-Oct 5.  With the map zoomed out, I can see there are 8 events happening in and around South Florida.  The red indicates there’s a an NFL game in the area.  With multiple colors, I can tell that there are also College games and MLB in the area as well.

As I zoom into the area, I can start to see the events that are taking place and their locations.  In the map below, I clicked on the red pin and I can see the Dolphins game against Indianapolis,  I can also tell that the Rays are in town up in Tampa, the Marlins are in town as well as Florida Atlantic and University of Miami. By clicking each pin, you can see the details of each event.

That’s all there is to it!  Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Now, click on the week you’d like to explore, map out your itinerary and send it to me so I can share with others!

Do you like the Eagles?  Grab their full schedule and start clicking on the city in which they’re playing to see if the Phillies are in town.

Travelling for business?  Click on your location to see what game might be happening in the area.

Are you just inspired to be a Wandering Spectator?  Look for high concentrations of colors and numbers and plan an event regardless of teams.

Let’s see who comes up with the best Wandering Spectator Weekend!

I hope you enjoy!

Stop wondering. Start Wandering!

College Week 0 Aug 26-Sep 1

College Week 1 Sep 2-8

NFL Week 1 Sept 9-15

NFL Week 2 Sept 16-22

NFL Week 3 Sept 23-29

NFL Week 4 Sept 30-Oct 5

NFL Week 5 Oct 6-12

NFL Week 6 Oct 13-19

NFL Week 7 Oct 20-26

NFL Week 8 Oct 27-Nov 2

NFL Week 9 Nov 3-9

NFL Week 10 Nov 10-16

NFL Week 11 Nov 17-23

NFL Week 12 Nov 24-30

NFL Week 13 Dec 1-Dec 7

NFL Week 14 Dec 8-14

NFL Week 15 Dec 15-21

NFL Week 16 Dec 22-28

NFL Week 17 Dec 29-Jan 4

NFL Week 18 Jan 5 -Jan 12

The maps will be updated as future NHL and NBA schedules are released.

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