Wandering with the Cardinals – 2021!

The Cards made a run last year with Kyler Murray making progress, but unlike D-Hop’s miracle catch against the Bills, they dropped the ball in the final two games to come up short (no pun intended K1). They made a huge splash in Free Agency with the acquisition of JJ Watt and then helped him out by drafting LB Zaven Collins. On the offensive side, they drafted a top receiver in Rondale Moore that will eventually replace the ageless wonder, Fitz.

The NFC West will not be easy. The division is stacked this year with their opponents all projected to have 10+ wins this season. Even still, the Cards are in a position to contend.

With travel restrictions easing and mask mandates being pulled back, your opportunity to travel to see the Cards is here! Whether you’re travel from Phoenix or to Phoenix to see the Cards, there are other events that can make your weekend even better.

Let’s take a look at their schedule to see some of the best options to make the most of your travel budget.

Sunday Sep. 12 – at Tennessee Titans

Nashville has become one of the nation’s best party cities. With tons of bars and live music in a concentrated area, you’ll have a blast as you gear up for the opening game. If you’re interested in catching an early season college game, make the drive to Knoxville and join the Vol Navy for some tailgating on the Tennessee River as Larry’s alma mater, Pitt visits the Volunteers.

Sunday Sep. 19 – vs Minnesota

Will Larry be in Cardinals Red or Minnesota Purple? Let’s hope he stays a Cardinal for the rest of his days. In town, the Diamondbacks host the Astros for a weekend series.

Sunday Sep. 26 – at Jacksonville

Head to Jax to see Trevor Lawrence and maybe Tim Tebow under the tutelage of first-year NFL Coach Urban Meyer. There have been 11 other NFL coaches that were hired directly from college since 2000. Only three have winning records – Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly, and Bill O’Brien. And all of them are back coaching in college! Heck, even Nick Saban had a losing record. Will Urban succeed? Or will he have “medical issues” again?

While you’re there, make the drive to Gainesville on Saturday for the Florida/Tennessee game and knock the Swamp off your bucket list.

Sunday Oct. 3 – at LA Rams

Los Angeles Rams

Here’s an awesome weekend for Phoenicians! Head over the LA early and catch your Sun Devils as they take on UCLA in the Rose Bowl. Then check out the new Sofi Stadium – built on the backs of student loans 😉

Stick around for Monday and you’ll be treated to another game with the Chargers hosting the Raiders. This game, you can spend more time checking out the stadium.

Sunday Oct. 10 – vs San Francisco

Expect a Bay Area invasion this weekend as Stanford visits ASU over in Tempe on Saturday before the Cards host the 9ers in Glendale. PROTECT THE NEST!

Sunday Oct. 17 – at Cleveland

No other sporting events in town at the moment, but check out the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while you’re there. If you’re up to it, make the hour drive to Canton to knock the Pro Football HOF off your list too!

Sunday Oct. 24 – vs Houston

Back at home to see JJ take on his old team. Will Deshaun be under center?

Nothing else happening, but check back when the NBA and NHL schedules are released to see if you can catch the Coyotes or Suns. Or hey, maybe the D-Backs will be hosting the World Series. One can dream…

Thursday Oct. 28 – vs Green Bay

A prime time matchup against Rodgers. The question is, will it be Aaron? Or will it just be the new Clemson WR Amari Rodgers representing the surname? The Devils are also in town on Saturday against the Cougars.

Sunday Nov. 7 – at San Francisco

Head up to the Bay area early and catch the Utes as they visit Stanford on Friday. Yea, I know, Friday is for High School football. Stick around for a Sunday afternoon game against the division rival 49ers.

Sunday Nov. 14 – vs Carolina

Back home, the Cards host the Panthers. Teddy Bridgewater fired a shot at Coach Rhule after he was traded to Denver. Is there trouble in Carolina or was it just sour grapes? Can Rhule save Darnold? Plenty of questions – and many will be answered by kickoff.

Sunday Nov. 21 – at Seattle

A final push before the Bye week and a trip to Seattle. There’s nothing else on the schedule at this point. If you travel to Seattle, stay away from any Autonomous Zones.

Sunday Dec. 5 – at Chicago

If your team is in the B1G Championship in Indy, it would be possible to combine the trip. Heck, it’s worth attending the game regardless. Indy’s a great host for big events. Otherwise, check back for Blackhawks and Bulls games.

Monday Dec. 13 – vs Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams

Another critical Division game. Nothing else happening at the moment, but let’s face it, any division game in December is worth seeing – and besides, the Great Lawn will likely be open to tailgating again!

Sunday Dec. 19 – at Detroit

A late season trip to Detroit could get the team back on track for the final push. Maybe you can catch the Motor City Bowl (date TBA).

Saturday Dec. 25 – vs Indianapolis

Christmas Day against the Colts. Let’s hope Santa has a win for the Cards. My guess is tickets will be a dime a dozen – unless there’s playoff implications.

Sunday Jan. 2 – at Dallas

Head in early and catch the Cotton Bowl on New Year’s Eve! This year it’s a semifinal for the CFP! The Jerry Dome is a destination unto itself. The entertainment complex next door will help you gear up for both games.

Sunday Jan. 9 – vs Seattle

Finish the season at home and hopefully locking up a playoff spot. Check back for the Suns and Yotes schedule.

That’s my take on the 2021 Cardinals schedule. Are you planning to make it to one of these games? Will you travel to see them?

Stop wondering. Start Wandering!

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