Wandering in Portugal!

Well, I had hoped this would have been a different post, but I’m a firm believer that “everything happens for a reason.” A business trip had me headed to Lisbon, Portugal March 5-9 for our annual Sales Kick-Off. While it sounds glamorous and maybe even teetering on exotic, it was anything but. The long flight from Phoenix coupled with traveling over the weekend, and with … Continue reading Wandering in Portugal!

The Beautiful Game

Soccer, Football, Futbol? No matter what you call it, it really is a beautiful game. I’ve come to appreciate it more in recent years.  You can complain that there’s not enough scoring and not enough action. But you can also call out quite a few negatives of our beloved American games.  Baseball? Too slow. Too long. Too many controversial balls and strikes. Football? Too many … Continue reading The Beautiful Game