Top 10 Matchup in a Whiteout!

The Whiteout. Most people who follow the sport will tell you that it’s the absolute best atmosphere in college football – maybe all sports. The visual of 110,000+ fans, the vast majority wearing white, is simply awesome. I’ve been to other Whiteouts. Even Blackouts and Stripeouts, but throw in pregame fireworks, white pompoms for all, perfect football weather and a battle between two Top 10 … Continue reading Top 10 Matchup in a Whiteout!

Whiteout in the Happiest of Valleys!

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger” – Nietzsche I closed my summary of the Rose Bowl and the Lions 2016 season with that quote from famed philosopher Friederich Nietzche, not to be confused with former Green Bay Packer linebacker Ray Nitschke. Granted, I’m more familiar with the latter, but I can attest that truer words could not be spoken. Flashback to October … Continue reading Whiteout in the Happiest of Valleys!

Penn State and the Steel City!

After last year’s phenomenally entertaining season, expectations for the 2017 season of Penn State Football are through the roof.  While a victory in the Rose Bowl would have capped off an already storybook season, I feel as though the loss strengthened the team’s resolve to improve and come back even more committed to excellence. The Lions started the 2017 campaign 2-0, defeating MAC opponent Akron … Continue reading Penn State and the Steel City!

Honoring the Grand Experiment

September is a great time to visit Happy Valley for a game.  The weather is usually perfect and that’s half the battle.  With the opponents usually non-conference cupcakes, tickets are plentiful and hotel rooms within a 60-mile radius can be booked.  And nothing beats tailgating on a warm end of summer day – with endless rows of cars parked on the green grass that will soon turn brown … Continue reading Honoring the Grand Experiment