Kicking off the College Football Season!

Ahhhh, September. The kids go back to school, the temperature starts to cool and Christmas decorations start to show up in stores.  That’s when you know it’s football season!  Sure, some games kicked off last week, but the “official” start of the CFB season is reserved for the Labor Day Weekend! While baseball season amps up meaningful games and the NFL is sorting through the … Continue reading Kicking off the College Football Season!

Blackout in Tempe!

Usually, Blackouts occur during the hot summer months of July and August in the desert, when air conditioners are running nonstop, 24 hours a day.  On this relatively mild October evening, the ASU Sun Devils, under Blackout conditions, pulled off their largest upset in 21 years. I’ve attended my fair share of ASU games over the years, but I wouldn’t consider myself dedicated fan. That … Continue reading Blackout in Tempe!

Football, football and more football!

What a week!  I love this time of year.  Between College and Pro football, there’s so much excitement.  My girls know that Saturdays and Sundays (and any other day there’s a game on), the TV is mine. The NFL teams are all jockeying for position – whether it be for the playoffs or draft picks – it’s always interesting.  Unfortunately, for the Bills, it always … Continue reading Football, football and more football!