Albert Gleason – EOW 12/27/1933

The Scranton Police Department was established in October 1856, just eight months after receiving its charter as a borough. Back then just sixteen men patrolled the new borough, protecting the population of just under 10,000. The men patrolled on foot and were paid $1 for every arrest they made – usually the money was paid by the offenders. By 1927, the force swelled to 165 … Continue reading Albert Gleason – EOW 12/27/1933

Last night with David Letterman!

It’s like Coke vs Pepsi.  You’re either a David Letterman fan or a Jay Leno fan.  Sure, there are a few people that bounced back and forth, but they were very different styles.  And they appealed to different audiences.  For me, it was Letterman all the way.  I love his Top 10s, Stupid Pet Tricks, Football Toss at the Meatball and tons of other skits. … Continue reading Last night with David Letterman!

Penn State to the Pinstripe Bowl

With the College Football Bowl games being announced today, I thought I’d take a crack at writing up some sports viewing weekends that would make for great holiday season travel.  With all but the National Championship game being announced, loyal alum and fans can start to make their travel arrangements.  Bowl games, in and of themselves are usually worth the trip alone.  I’ve been fortunate … Continue reading Penn State to the Pinstripe Bowl

Throwback – Kobe’s Record at Madison Square Garden

I was talking with a friend today and was reminded of the time I attended the Knicks/Lakers game with him in 2009.  During a business trip to New York City, I had the opportunity to host him and some of his clients at the Feb 2nd game at Madison Square Garden.  With IBM’s presence in the City, it was no surprise that we’d have season … Continue reading Throwback – Kobe’s Record at Madison Square Garden