The Beautiful Game

Soccer, Football, Futbol? No matter what you call it, it really is a beautiful game. I’ve come to appreciate it more in recent years.  You can complain that there’s not enough scoring and not enough action. But you can also call out quite a few negatives of our beloved American games.  Baseball? Too slow. Too long. Too many controversial balls and strikes. Football? Too many … Continue reading The Beautiful Game

Lions in the Sun! The 2017 Fiesta Bowl!

The Nittany Lions capped off an impressive year by dominating the Washington Huskies in the Fiesta Bowl. They backed up last years’ Rose Bowl shootout with USC with a trip to the desert and another New Years Six Bowl Game. The downside is that it’s the last time we’ll see several of their key players in a Penn State uniform. Mike Gesicki, Marcus Allen, Grant Haley, … Continue reading Lions in the Sun! The 2017 Fiesta Bowl!

Penn State Hockey comes to the desert!

Just a few short years ago, the Penn State Men’s Hockey team was essentially a traveling club team – competing against lower-level competition in aging facilities around the northeast.  They were one of the elite teams at their level, winning multiple championships in the ACHA League under Coach Joe Battista, aka JoeBa.     Even so, they were considered to be the equivalent of a … Continue reading Penn State Hockey comes to the desert!