Wandering with the Steelers – 2019

The Steelers certainly endured some drama last year. First with Le’Veon Bell sitting out the year, then Antonio Brown airing his grievances in public. With all of the issues, the Steelers were held out of the Playoffs for the first time in six years. Can they rebound this year without two of their star players? Here’s a look at their 2019 schedule and other games … Continue reading Wandering with the Steelers – 2019

Rustbelt Roadtrip – PSU vs Pitt!

Definition of rival 1a : one of two or more striving to reach or obtain something that only one can possess b : one striving for competitive advantage 2: equal, peer The main attraction our trip to Pittsburgh was clearly the 99th rematch of the Penn State vs Pitt “rivalry”. There’s much debate over the term rivalry when it comes to Penn State vs Pitt – at least on the football field.  … Continue reading Rustbelt Roadtrip – PSU vs Pitt!

Rustbelt Roadtrip – PNC Park!

With football season back in full swing, we planned a trip to catch Penn State playing at Pittsburgh – an in-state rivalry that is quickly coming up on another hiatus.  They will play one more time next year in Happy Valley, closing out the rivalry with the 100th meeting between the two programs. After next year, there are no other games scheduled between the two. … Continue reading Rustbelt Roadtrip – PNC Park!

Penn State and the Steel City!

After last year’s phenomenally entertaining season, expectations for the 2017 season of Penn State Football are through the roof.  While a victory in the Rose Bowl would have capped off an already storybook season, I feel as though the loss strengthened the team’s resolve to improve and come back even more committed to excellence. The Lions started the 2017 campaign 2-0, defeating MAC opponent Akron … Continue reading Penn State and the Steel City!

Wandering with the Steelers!

Next up are the Steelers.  Based on my quick review of their schedule, I’m guessing they will have one of the shortest travel seasons in the NFL.  The furthest they travel from Western PA is Jacksonville.  So, if you live out west, you’ll have to waste a travel day to see them. And with them being fairly isolated, there won’t be many options to parlay … Continue reading Wandering with the Steelers!