Warriors vs Suns. Scammers unite!

Long-time friends of ours, Duane and Michelle, planned a visit to the desert to catch up with us and another former colleague, Joe.  Of course, being from the Bay area, they were thrilled to learn the Warriors were in town.  For all I know, they might have even planned it that way, but it didn’t matter.  We were excited to spend some time with them. … Continue reading Warriors vs Suns. Scammers unite!

NCAA Basketball Championship!

The Valley of the Sun sure has had it’s run of hosting major sporting events – and I have to tell you, they’ve delivered on every one of them!  This year’s NCAA Final Four tournament finishes an unprecedented run of three major sports championships in the last two years – joining the College Football Championship and the Super Bowl. In years past, the greater Phoenix … Continue reading NCAA Basketball Championship!

Throwback – Kobe’s Record at Madison Square Garden

I was talking with a friend today and was reminded of the time I attended the Knicks/Lakers game with him in 2009.  During a business trip to New York City, I had the opportunity to host him and some of his clients at the Feb 2nd game at Madison Square Garden.  With IBM’s presence in the City, it was no surprise that we’d have season … Continue reading Throwback – Kobe’s Record at Madison Square Garden

Hawks vs Nets

Another business trip had me in Atlanta for a few days in January.  I arrived Sunday night and would be staying until late in the day on Thursday.  The days were filled with sessions and meetings.  In between, normal business would take place. These conferences are grueling.  Since it was being held at the Atlanta Hilton, there was little reason to step outside the facility. … Continue reading Hawks vs Nets

Lions and Bulls and Bears, Oh My!

This trip has to go down as one of my all-time favorites.  The one which all others will be measured against.  And it all came together within 4 days of departure! A fellow dad at my daughters’ school, Ted, is originally from Iowa but moved to Phoenix, then back to Chicago.  He’s as much a Hawkeye fan as I am a Penn State fan.  We … Continue reading Lions and Bulls and Bears, Oh My!